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Not like before

I had to cry again. Its hard in this time, not like before, when the sun would shine and the wind would blow. No its different now.

The clouds hide the light afraid of it reviling the world we live in, and I don’t blame it. I’d hid it all to, if I could.

Every one is down, its rare to find a smiling face, and if you are ever so lucky it will only be in a dream.

It doesn’t rain either, the sky is too proud to cry, but you know it wants to, just like the rest of us.

I saw you today. But you weren’t looking, but you were there and then gone in the mist of the daily fog that hides this place.

No one enters and no one leaves. Not like before.

No never like before…       

A/N: I wanted to ty my hand at somthing like this please tell me your thoughts. 

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