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New Image Hairstyle

Now it’s time to show people around you your beautiful long hair or stylish, short hair-do. Especially because there has been no such variety of hairstyles collections so long ago as for current spring/summer. Today, the hair-do can be both formal, elegant, romantic or funny-careless. You just have to choose from this variety that will fit you best. long hairstyleLong hair will be especially in favor for this season. You can dress up them in different ways every day. Today, you can gather them in tail, tomorrow let them down smoothly, as well as, fluff them up or braid. Long hair will look best if it will be side parted. It will also look nice on the hair combed back smoothly, let down or gathered in twist. The side parted hairstyle is more in favor as it will give more deep color to your hair. Try to avoid backcombing and volume settings. If you wish something special, you can make a multi-colored parting. And if you wish your hairstyle looks best, try to make parting correct and neat. Then apply to the skin into parting with wet brush a lash build mascara. Add spray and you will get unique style attracted looks. If you are disposed to support a feminity in fashion you are offered to wear braid hairstyles this spring. Avoid girlish braids. Try braid styles that will give a feminine and elegant look this spring. The braid styles never seem to go out of fashion and remain at peak of popularity with all ages. You are offered so many various braid styles ranging from beautiful Herringbone, French, Round or Front to unique Looped or Fishtail braids and much more. They are not only comfortable to wear but will fit you perfectly. It does not depend on what style you prefer to, the braids will always fit best almost for all of them. They will help change your look radically from hot and sexual to romantic and feminine at the same time. This season professional stylists are advised to braid your hair without looking into the mirror, just by touch. It will help to get a pretty negligent and at the same time neat look. Here, enhanced and decorated with fresh flowers braids are hot for this season. hairstyles 2006Now let’s discuss about bang. It can be set both up or down as you like. Be sure to pay attention to its form and style. The bang can be thick, long, lightly touching the brows and even eyes, with ragged ends, consisting of two layers or bangs (upper thick and long bang can cover lower thin and short bang), non-central, with long sides or to the contrary, longer to the center and shorter to the sides and with eccentric figured cuts. This important part of any hairstyle as bang will help to change your look of vamp to naughty girl or elegant lady to extravagant hippie. By the way, it is necessary especially for those with an oval face shape or a high forehead. In this case, the bang can make the face shape appear harmonious. hair stylesAs to other trends for today. The ruffled up, negligent looking hairstyles are very popular here. The smashed “untidy” style tends to be popular for this season, as if the woman has just waked up and forgot to dress up or comb her hair. Short with accurate geometric lines haircut will look extravagant and great. It will look highly effective if you use color contrasts method for the roots. The bang set criss-cross will also give new look to your short haircut and will be suitable especially for fair and red hair. If you wear a square haircut and wish to have something that is radically different you can cut hair at the nape more shorter than at the front. The effect of such haircut is that correct diagonal line at the nape. It is so important here that haircuts shouldn’t be volume but comfortable. Do you prefer feminine curly hairstyles to straight ones? You are lucky enough as curly hair is in fashion for the seasons spring-summer 2006. The locks shouldn’t be tight and bouncy but soft and light as waves. Be sure that as curly as wavy short or medium hairstyles should look natural and smashed a bit. If you reach an age when you will not wear braiding and shaggy hairstyles, the fastidious fashion does not deprive you of your choice too. The hot for the season is the hair of middle length with plucked irregular ends. Also, you can try to make different shape knots. They can be neglected, gathered in a hurry, or complex made of braids or, for exam, you can twist the knots with several long strands out. Avoid using of decorative accessories. You can add just pins or invisible pins to your hairstyle. The various tails continue to be in style for today, placing up on top of the crown, or down at the nape, formal and prom, slicked smoothly and with strands out. short hairstylesAs you can see both the hair styles and apparel fashion trends for the current season are very democratic. It is free enough without any limitations, but the stylists offer to pay attention to the feminine wavy locks and braids, irregular and plucked strands and different shape bangs. So, choose any look you like and change both hairstyle and appearance. Remember that woman should always stay great-looking promoting her appearance and attracting looks of people around her especially in the spring. Written by Trisha Wood Submitted by Trisha Wood

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