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My Wishful Tears

As tears fall down my face I wonder why there is no place. No place for me to go No home for me to know Because in this world there is no love But the sweet sounds, of a cooing dove As I sit here on the porch I wish I could be torched For all the things I've caused It seems no one ever sees me bend the laws I am alone, scared lost and hurting Knowing nothing will ever stop my hurting I wish I could be whole again So full of love, life and laughter But to be full again, I must wait until after But to accomplish this I must think Think of a way to finally be fully complete To be complete, in this sad life I live Wishing and hoping, hoping and wishing I could find a real reason to the life I have only begun to live I have no feelings, no real memories at all So I sit here waiting, for myself to slip and fall I wish I could fall back far far Back to a time, before I got my scars The scars that blister my heart And make me want to depart Though I never will, for I am strong But even so, strong only lasts for so long For my heart has taken on too much In all the secretes and lies and such I wish I were still innocent, pure as gold For when to get what I wished, I just had to be bold When things were as simple as could be For all I had to do was just be me But now I have peen pulled in Into a place that I felt I had to begin To begin to be what I am not And as I began my new life, I realized my heart had also begun to harden and wrought And wroughting it is, a perfect heart, just wroughting away Even to this very seemingly, perfect day The things I do and the lifestyle I live Just pulls and tugs until I have nothing else to give When people ask me Why I need a reason to live? I say because I live for everyone else, and all I ever do is give, give, give. I give to them my heart, soul and all my love And everything else below and above Every year, day, and month, I wish and pray For that sweet, sweet day When all my troubles, problems, fears and all of my wishful tears All fade away, into distant memories of my childhood years. Written by Britni Edmunds Submitted by Britni Edmunds


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