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My Tears

no one say a kid can't have secerets tha parents don't need to know about my parents don't know my parents don't care my parents are not there when I am crying in my room sometimes music makes the pain go away for now so i can have the courge to wake up in the morning and face the earth im not the type of gilr that my u would see cry I put up a wall so I wont get hurt but to get hurt u got to fell and me puttin up that wallI wont feel.my parents don't know anything about me that's why wateva goes in one ear goes out the other somethimes I cry beacause of what I have to go through I cry because Im crying there's no end if I eva have kids I will make sure that they DO NOT go through what Im going through no one see's the tears I cry but me and god were is he when Imm suffering  

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