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My Manifesto

In our world today there are many flaws. We all need take a step back, to slow down, and realize that we were given an amazing gift the day we were born, LIFE.

…And we were given that gift to learn about love. Love is a beautiful thing. It comes in all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all races. It may come when you least expect it, or when you need it more than ever. It happens in friendships, in families, even between enemies. One thing I know is that we would not be human without it. Embrace it, trust it, feel it. Everyone needs love in their life to really feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about beauty. Beauty is in everything. It is in a person, a flower, a color, a song, and it is in you. Everyone has beauty, no matter your age, race, weight, or height. The power to see beauty lies within you. The ugly comes out when a person is too naive to see this, when they make fun of someone because of irregularities. See the beauty in everything and everyone around you. It will make your life more beautiful; it will make you feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about friendship. True friendship is unconditional. You are with each other in the dark times of your past, and the brightness of your future. You are there for guidance, laughter, agony, and happiness. Friendship is not shown in the amount of friends you have on facebook, but in the few you confide in and trust on a daily basis. It is the people you go to when everyone else turns away. Trust in each other, never forget one another, you are what make each other feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about happiness. Happiness is in all of the above-mentioned categories. It is simple. When you hear someone tell you I love you, when you see a beautiful flower, when a friend makes you laugh a gut-wrenching laugh. It is in the memories of your past, the happenings of your present, and the boldness of your future. Smile, laugh, cry, it makes you feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about pain. Pain comes to us in many ways. We face it physically or emotionally. Physical pain is easier; it’s the emotional that trips us up. Whether it’s from the loss of someone we love, or from the anxiety of not being accepted, everyone feels it. For some it is easier to face, others cannot handle it, but feeling life is when you overcome the pain. Work at it, don’t give up, and you will feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about death. Death is hard. Bereavement is even harder. Whether you are staring your own death in the face or dealing with someone else’s, it is a part of life. Do not fear it, accept your fate, it will make you feel alive.

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