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My hearts ties.

My heart was broken
And the world at a new,
I couldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for you.
When life was heavy and my mind full of mush,
You helped me pull out of the dust.
For you I have so much to give, yet to you I have little to live.
You helped me though all that I did, you said we’d be together until the end.
A lie my heart believed, and thou it still dose you have gone and given your heart to another one.
What did I do to lose such a gift? What did I not do to lose just a friend?
And thou I still miss you and wish we would have made it, I still wish you and your new love the best of your wishes.
My heart still has ties but some day you'll see,
I’ll take the high path and give all I can be.
For the road for me is still long, I must have to say,
I’ve already stopped missing you, atleast for today. 

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