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My Heartfelt Story Part 2

Here’s the 2nd part to my story. Well turns out Daniel and me started talking again and now we’re best friends! Sounds great doesn’t it? He’s been so great to me and he would make up rhymes just for me and all kinds of things.Him and I have been tight and now because of me Chris and Daniel are also best friends. The good thing about Daniel is that he would always make me laugh and whenever I was sad or in tears He would make me happy and laughing in a matter of seconds! He was so awesome! I was still so in love with him! Then for some reason we stopped talking for like a month! Then after a while I thought to myself, “I don’t need him in my life”, but I was only lying to myself. I couldn’t live without him. I had loved him too much and for too long to stop loving him now. I wanted him back but for some reason I felt like I had no power over the situation. Then finally we started calling each other again and we filled each other in on our lives and so on. We were back to being friends and telling each other all of our secrets, and I mean all of our secrets, but we promised not to tell anyone. Daniel and me have always been trying to get each other jealous and I don’t know about him but it’s working on me big time! Like now he has a girlfriend named Melissa in 6th grade! She’s young! I can also tell when he gets jealous cause not too long ago I went out with this guy named Raymond who was close with Daniel and I asked Daniel, ”Why do you think Raymond asked me out?” “Maybe it’s cause you’re a sexy beast!” I felt so good after he told me that! But now unfortunately I’m single again and hey even if me and Daniel just stay best friends (for now) then hey, there’s a lot of fish in the sea right?! And also what was cool was that I went to my friend Danica’s p*ol party and she’s in the 8th grade and she invited Daniel and when he got there it was just me, Danica, and Leandra, and he showed up with Chris and they gave everyone hugs then Daniel gave me a hug! Then that night whenever I was talking to Daniel he would keep looking at my body cause all I wore after I swam was my swimsuit top and jeans and he would just keep looking at my body! Yet surprisingly I liked it! Then he was playing Ms. Pacman on one of the big machines and I would just stay there watching him and he was really good! Then after a while he left from playing it and I started to play and I knew I was about to lose then out of no where Daniel came and grabbed my hand and helped me and I thought he was gonna try and mess me up cause he likes to mess around like that so I said,” Don’t mess me up Daniel!” Then after he stayed quiet after I told him that, I realized he was helping me! Then he helped me beat the level and he just looked at me with his eyes like, ”Your welcome.” Isn’t he great? Ok giving me hugs, telling me I’m sexy, looking at my body, grabbing my hand, helping me out, and most importantly… being my best friend, don’t you think it adds up? I think so! I mean why would he do any of that if he didn’t like me right?! He says he doesn’t but I read a horoscope matchmaker for him and me and it said, “He loves the chase but you want a boyfriend. Try settling him down.” It all adds up, he must like me. And let’s not forget state now! Oh ya and he said I could go with him to this Halloween Hip-Hop Bash with him, his friend T.J. and his girlfriend and I said I’d think about it. I really wanna go though! I’m getting all this from him and you know what I’m missing… his KISS. I would literally give the world for him and his kiss! My body felt a shock with his touch and I’d probably feel lightning with his KISS! Now I want him more than ever but I don’t know how to get him and not to be mean but his girlfriend isn’t right for him. I just don’t know what to do. Can you help me out and give me some advice? Please, it would mean the world to me. Thanks for listening. Written by Shannon Crespin Submitted by Shannon Crespin


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    • well..hey thanks for leaving a comment.. you love daniel alot right? then go get him even if he has a gf.. in my story joshua had a gf but I waited for him and now finally his back . I think u have to sit down with daniel and ask y do u act around me like this and treat me so good when it looks like you love me. tel him how you feel.. dont keep ur feelings inside bcos if you dont tell them sumtimes its just too late...dont try and break them up but just explain how u feel and ask him " do u honestly have any feelings deep down inside? well I hope I have helped you .. sumfin tells me dat daniel feels the same way .. and you should go to that halloween party! add me kt_from_heaven@yahoo.com or funky_greek_gal@hotmail.com
      • hey shannon, looks likes you really love your bestfriend huh, well we have the same situation me and my bestfriend like to make each other jealous also but oftentimes i'm the one really jealous but I never showed it to him.Anyway just enjoy his company while you still have the chance to see each other. Just enjoy the moment, who knows maybe one day he'll realized that the one he's looking for is right in front of him.Goodluck girl!
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