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My Heartfelt Story

Ok here's my story. One day I was in class preparing for a State Competition for this club. I'm in called BPA and this guy who I had never thought about liking walked in and there were no spaces open for him to work so our teacher told him to work with me since we were in the same category. Then instead of working we just started talking and stuff and we gave each other our numbers and we pretty much hung out for the rest of the day.Then I tested him and he called me and told me he would call me later on that night, which he never did. So the next day in class he came up to me and said he was sorry he never called me back. I forgave him and we hung out again. Then that night I realized something. I was falling in love with him! Then before I knew it, state was here. We took a 2 hour drive to Alberquerque and we got settled in the Mariot hotel. We had our first competition that day and I did horrible but it was ok because I told him I did bad and we talked on the phone all night in our rooms and he comforted me. The next day I didn't compete and neither did he, but we couldn't see each other because our teacher made us stay in our rooms until everyone else got back from their competition. So me and my friend Mikala just stayed bored. Then that night we went to the mall and we had to be in groups of 3 or 4 so me and Mikala hung out with her BF Chris and Daniel (the guy I've been talking about) hung out with Chris so we were all together. Me and Mikala wanted to go into Claires and the guys didn't want to so they went to another store and before they left, Daniel put his arm around me and said, "If something bad happens to you, scream at the top of your lungs and I'll come for you." I nodded my head and we walked around Claires when the guys came and practically dragged us out of their. We continued around the mall until it was time to leave and then we went to the movies and we saw Date Movie which was funny but I would suggest you be at least 13 before you see it. We didn't hang out at the movies but that's ok. The next day we had awards ceremonies but I'm not going to get into that, it'll take way too long. So we were packing everything up to go home and we were on the bus when our teacher surprised us and took us to a place called Hinkles Family Fun Center which is pretty cool because it has mini-golf, an arcade, bumper cars, wall climbing, a food place, and this huge jungle gym. Me, Daniel, Mikala, and Chris hung out again and we all went in the jungle gym except for Mikala, she's not that kind of person. Then we got to the end of the jungle gym and I was the last one to slide across and down on this bar and when I let go Daniel caught me! Then we went into the arcade where Daniel beat my butt bad in Air Hockey and then he played this one game and he hit the jackpot five times! He spent all of it on super ropes and this crystal ball with a dragon and a wizard. Then we were on the bus again heading home when Daniel and Chris started watching Chris Rock DVD Daniel had bought at the mall. Daniel asked us if we wanted to watch and we were like you, duh. Then Daniel got between me and Mikala when Mikala left us alone and we sat their watching the movie and laughing together. There were some parts of the movie where Daniel would imitate Chris Rock and he would make me laugh so hard. Then (since Chris was like my BFF at State and he knows me and Daniel's whole story) I told him I was going to purposely fall asleep on Daniel's shoulder when the DVD player ran out of batteries! I was mad, but ok. Then shortly after that we arrived home and that night my dad was in our garage and my mom was on my computer in my room drinking and I was on the couch in the living when I was bored so I called Daniel around 8:00 that night and we stayed talking when he asked me, "Do you like me, if you do that's ok with me and I won't tell anybody." I was panicked so I said no. Then a little more into the conversation I said, "Daniel I have to be honest with you, I never did like you then when we started hanging out, started being friends I kind of started to like you." Then he said, "Yes, that's how it is with me too. Hey can I call you back in about five seconds, just hang up and your phone will ring ok." I said ok, then waited when my phone rang and I said, "What were you doing?" He said, "I broke up with my girlfriend." Then I said, "Did she take it hard?" "Not really," he said back. I kept thinking to myself that he should ask me out but he never did. "Well I'll call you tomorrow ok, I have to go to sleep it's already 9:30." "Ok" I said. Then the next day around 7:30 Daniel called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. I said no because I was throwing a party for my 23 year old brother who just got his trucking license. Then I called my friend Brittany and asked her if she wanted to go to the movies (since I'm not allowed to date yet). She said she could so I called Daniel back and asked what time the movie was and he said never mind because he couldn't go. The next day at school he didn't even talk to me, he hasn't talked to me at all ever since that night and if you know it's good for you take a chance to ask that special person out when the time is right. Don't do what I did and wait too long or else you could end up like me and Daniel, the two people who had a strong relationship but let it go. Please take my advice, it can help you someday. I really miss Daniel but I don't think he likes me anymore, and what s*cks is that he's all I can think about. I can't get over him at all. I want him back even though I never really had him. Love, Shannon C. Written by Shannon Crespin Submitted by Shannon Crespin


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