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My dreams are full of hope

Tears and sadness go hand in handAs soon as they start, it's usually about a manThis for me continues to be a struggle,The few that I have cared about, live inside a bubble.Never really knowing where I go wrongI cannot seem to pick one that's free or belongs.Always looking inward, as if that might helpYet inside there is an empty place, it's me alone, myself.Time is marching forward, forever looms aheadI just lost my elderly friend Betty, I can't beleive she's dead.It happened Christmas Eve, I really don't know why,But through the Holiday's I made it, though all I did was cry.It's not like I have a future, each day is just the same,I wake up feeling lonely, then go to bed again.Another day tomorrow, maybe it will change?I know that if it did, it would be wonderfully strange.I guess I'll just go to sleep now, my dreams are full of hope.It's there I smile abeit sadly, it's there that I can cope.The tears are now beginning, again I think of himIf only I knew what he looked like, maybe then I could see his grin.

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