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My decision

I have waited for you in the dawn and in the night. I have cooked your favorite foods and made you laugh. I have heard you out and support you through all. I have accepted you in the good and bad. I have appreciated what you give. I have love you with my heart, mind and soul. I have forgiven and believe in your tales and dreams. I have shared moments and dream fairy-tales with you. I have given myself to you as I never did with anyone before and ..... It is not enough for you and I have no more to give you have taken it all. You have drain me out of my love and threw it to the curve with your indifference. Your smiles and laughs makes me forgive you but now I will take no more. I will not hurt you because that is ignorant since I love you it will hurt me more than to you. I will try to help myself to shore before I drown after I say good bye to you.

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