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Music Like A Mirror Of Life

Music Like A Mirror Of  Life

Sometimes appears on the minds of some, but in fact the most vulnerable time of neglect.

At the time, and a friend in the chat in Britney Spears Lyrics and remembered a song she had no sleep the night in Beijing, let go, so he opened not long, but still remain in the Favorites in the forum. Forum records with my last login time in November 2008. Very well to find a song, after the customary way to see if there is no news of her .....

The news of her death is only 15, posted to forums, I posted it in turn query watercress group, including direct on the Baidu search key words her death, when I was in the search box marked "Lihong died" when these four words are so dazzling. I stared at the words can not say sorry, just a little bit baffling.

"Hello everybody, I am beautiful Li Lihong, red color of red, I love quiet and I love laughing ..." This is her usual opening. Several years later, I again heard her Will Young Lyrics.

People always do nothing at this time to remember that a sentence may have heard, or a stammer that she rarely will open the gates of time, the time the water receded for the time being, take a look at the past by long soaking time, Some may have been vague, but that is the reason for remembrance of people hard.

Time is the lightest thing, even more than white light, time, and most sink thing, even more than black sink, little fanfare, but no outlet pressure of human breath.Her voice is still in the dusty light player Coldplay Lyrics, she already disappeared, apart do nothing. This state of indescribable by dark aloof.Lihong often in live, ask the audience to listen to programs at the time be thinking, will do. But no one imagined just four years later I listened to her past shows, writing condolence to her side.

Four years ago, had a listener activities, once seen Lihong, Thinking back on it has been unclear, only vaguely remember that she was very thin, a large red eyes, the person whose Eminem Lyrics , when talking to her and her love laugh.

At that time my freshman year, text messaging, said: school has been a week, found itself resilient, another argument may become numb to their own habits, and by the way, Beijing Normal University, China's vast beauty, such as Books, and endless "

A few days ago, and a friend, she said the world is non-flat, now also prefer to think like this friend said, if the world is flat, even if the back of glass, a back or be able to see each other, even if no longer Encounter, but can also be safely knowing each other. Where as now, turning a circle, people do not.

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