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Moses and The Ten Commandments

Up Mount Sinai did Moses trod,

Seeking direction from Almighty God.

He needed some laws laid out for the people,

For he was wore out handling disputes in the temple.


God called out to the people from the mountain top,

Tell the whole house of Jacob, their sins they must stop.

“They saw what I had done to Egypt and brought them out,”

“I carried them on Eagles’ wings to myself, no doubt.”


Instruct my people my covenant they should keep

They are A Holy Nation a kingdom full of priest.

Tell the people to wash, consecrate themselves to me.

Go down and tell them, and bring Aaron up to see.


At the base at the mountain the people looked up and feared,

Lighting, thunder, smoke, they trembled as they viewed.

God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, as His laws.

They listen to God’s voice, learning how to live without flaws.


On a set of stone tablets did Moses engrave,

The Ten Commandments noting how not to misbehave.

The first commandment written on that sacred stone,

Gave instructions to worship the trinity alone.


The second Command is no big riddle,

Never make for yourself a craven idol.

Never use our Lords name, our God without care,

On the Sabbath go to church and worship Him there.


Honor your father and Mother,

The seventh is to never murder.

Never committee adultery,

Never steal another’s property.


Don’t bear false witness when you stand to testify,

Lastly, never covet even modestly lest you may die.

These are the laws handed down to govern the land,

Directly from God but written with Moses hand.




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