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Missing A Friend

Can a heart be felt from afar
I ask this question
As I wish upon a star
That my thought might reach
Wherever you are

Since we first met
I read your poems and felt your heart
I felt you from the start
Friendship naturally grew
I feel the feeling will not part

Through all the kind things
We have as friends shared
I wonder if you realized
How much I felt you and cared
Up or down, no matter how we fared

Time has passed
Feelings have had time to rest
It seems somthing must be expressed
Of all the people I've ever met in life
You're among the few I miss and like best

I wish of course there were more like you
But, honestly, I don't feel so many in view
Who weathered storms and sadness deep
And still have hopeful hearts to see things new
If we're apart too long I still think of you


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