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mind vs heart

i cant get u out of my mindYour just so hot and fineI love the way you are and i want to make you mineUntil the end of timeIll be waiting for the day you'll take my hand and never let it go coz in the end you'll have my heartYou've had it from the startIt's up to you to keep it safe it's up to you to carry it in your chest, where it will always belongI finally found you, ive been wait soo longIt was worth the hard journeyBecause i love the feeling when you are near meits like something i've never felt beforeYour the only person i adoreSometimes it scares me how you opened a new doorAnd im scared there might be a hole and i will fallBut love is built on trustNot on lustSo im gonna fight til the end of timeJust to be with you and make you mine

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