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Mental Affair

If I could I would kiss that person more softly

and whisper “I love you” quietly when the world is asleep.

Say a prayer and ask God to forgive me for this mental affair.

Why do I notice everything they wear?

The beautiful scent as they walk by me

gets these feelings going crazy that I can’t even bare

and how I don’t mean to

but I can’t help but to stare.

Do they value you, as you are truly rare?

Unique kind.

The one you wine, dine and get home before nine.

Spend longer nights together.

Wish you were my charm.

Protect you from harm.

Keeping you close within my arms.

Do they notice me looking at you?

Do they know how I keep my thoughts trapped in my heart?

Do you know how I wish for that time if you ever part and finally let another person in your heart?

So smart, keeps the arms around them to let the world know they are taken.

I feel I’ve been forsaken.

I love you but I wouldn’t dare.

My love now is having thoughts too that it feels like we won’t make it through.

I made love to you multiple times.

We live so peacefully in my mind.

Life is so unfair.

They cheated.

I never did.

But I sure had many mental affairs…

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