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If I lay in your chest and listen to the beating of your heart

What would I hear aside from the throb?

Am I one of the reasons why it is beating?

Or am I one of the reasons why you are healing


Though it pains me to know

That your love is not so

I ll try my best to understand

Even if im the underhand


I wanted you to know how important and significant you are

You are the most beautiful by far

But if I am not the one in your heart

Then downfall that is where it would start


I don’t want to force you to love me

It would be insanity

I want you to love me freely

Without hesitation full of sincerity


There is one favor I want to ask of you

You know that I love you

But if you are not that into me

Please don’t make me feel I am your disability


May be you will realize that I too am important

When I am gone would you feel a little hesitant?

May be then you’ll see

I am the one that could make you happy


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