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I am the yin & yang, the dark and light of your very soul.I know what makes you laugh, I know what makes you cry, I know your deepest fear and the greatest joy of your life. I'm the master of Darkness yet the master of Light. I stand by Gods side and even more when I die. I can make you want more or make you fear what's next, but there is nothing better then what meets the rest. I'm the writer you fear yet the writer you love; by the light of the moon and the light of the sun I'm the master of horror and the master of love. You say I'm evil and everyone else, who writes the darkest of depths and are due to hell. But I give you this poem or letter to say, it is not what you write that can give you such a way; it is only your heart and not much more no matter what the yoai or vore. But don't let that go to your head, but at the same time don't let it in soak into your skin.Most you may say are better by far, but I say to you are they true to their heart?And so it is said that anyone can write but a gifted few are the true stars of such light!And so I leave you with this statement and give you a thought, for who all can do, what most can not?.....

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