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Love Your Job Now

Never worry, but carry on confidentlyThings will take shape in your favorExpress not your mind negativelyJust patiently stick to your dutyInitially you may find duty toughBut, if you tolerate the difficultiesYour mind will be tuned to it finelyAnd like magic happiness will flowNormally worthy things will give strainAs the rewards from it are mammoth By accepting all the hurdles casuallyWe generate a positive wave superblyBetter to love our job and do it joyfullyAs that is a bread winner giving wealthIndeed a sacred affair as it helps us liveSo go in full swing to execute your taskMillions are living with no employmentFortunately God has offered us solaceWe must involve ourselves with true loveDue to this temperament, peace is full.mvvenkataramanwww.mvvenkataraman.comSEARCH mvvenkataraman IN GOOGLE OR YAHOO

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