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love 's harshness & bittersweet

I think that loving someone is the most wonderful thing that can happen to us.Love always starts so beautiful,you meet,you go out together,you try to get to know each other better and better.You think that he/she is only one,you can't wait until you will see him/her again,you feel like something is burning inside of you and you feel this love with your whole heart and soul...There isn't anybody else in your mind but him/her.You go to bed thinking of him/her,you wake up at night and again thinking of him/her,you wake up in the morning so happy that you have dreamt about him/her and you think that your love will last for a very long time and at last you will be together...You plan your future life together....But unfortunetly when you open up your heart,soul,mind this love goes away and you don't understand the reason why he/she left you....He/she are searching reasons telling that he/she doesn't have enough time for job,studies and so on...why you want us to have space between us? why you stop calling me at nigth?why can you tell me that you love me no more? why you always have an excuse about everything i asked you?why you said that you dont wanna be in this relationship no more?why all this thing happenning to me?why i felt so depress? wh everytime i hear your name tears come in my eyes?why you gotta be that one that hurts me? why tell me why ?....Why it happens so?when we open our heart,soul,mind and everything love goes away from us??We give him/her everything that he/she needs,we trust him/her but love anyway leaves us...When it leaves we feel pain and this pain kills us,it's inside of us and nobody can help,it's a soul pain....We are hurt,our heart is broken and we feel so lonely that sometimes we think that there is nobody but we in this whole world and nobody can understand what are we going threw....we felt so lonely in this world,we even wants to kill ourself over that  stupid person that don't even care out you no more....you fell so sad and depress and all you could is stay in the little corner and cry cry cry  and want to be some where alone where no one could hear you screaming .....and than you think why love is so harshness? 00130008i6H.jpg

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    • yea its true. i went to so much pain that i thought that i would never fine someone that would love me for who i am but then i found him and he loves me for who i am and i love him. i guess u have to go to pain to fine ur true love.
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