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Love Ride

As you look at me with those passionate eyes.

I feel I am the prettiest bride.


My sexual desire was awakened

With that steamy touch you bring.


I thought I was an Ice maiden

No one can break my coldness is well hidden.


But, you came along love is your weapon.

I can not deny the call of true love in my bones.


I was once a naïve little country woman.

With you the world was open for me to know.


I thought I already knew everything

But, you showed me more about living.


I learned from you all new things

And show me there is more to life than breathing.


I never knew love have its ecstasy

We made love full of glee.


You are so strong full of emotion

I become captive in your majestic actions.


I fall in love with you each of everyday

You make me glow in the light of the day.


 As we travel in this ride of love and life.

Together we can make it to a better place.


Stay with me through thick and thin

And together we can make it to the end.


Life’s ride is not smooth and easy.

But, with true love in our hearts we can make it.


Life with out love is bleak and dark.

Love can make you see the light.



Love ride is fun

There is magic for everyone 

 Let's have a ride and have fun.@E.C.S

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