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Love-Laws that Stop Love-Loss

Love is surely divine
Making mood fine
It is a deep joy-mine
Strengthening spine

Loveless heart is a devil
It will give no thrill
It makes life-route uphill
Bringing life to a standstill

Love is really a divine feeling
All wounds it will be healing
God Himself will be dealing
If before Him we are kneeling

When love is truly undertaken
Our case is by God taken
All hurdles are broken
We will never be mistaken

Love is a remarkable mirth
Which only rules this Earth
When takes place love’s birth
Our life turns immensely worth

When loving act is done
Dies our whole burden
Joy’s arrival is sudden
Bliss comes to gladden

Our mind is greatly relieved
When love news is received
We are no longer grieved
God is firmly then believed

Our mood turns positive
We prove to be creative
We then love to long live
Enough hope, love will give

Love will produce immense belief
By solving any kind of grief
Love supplies the best relief
Love will arrest loneliness-thief

To love he who starts wisely now
Will be helped by the God-above
To love if one takes a strong vow
Before him even God will bow.


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