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Love is all I need

Wealth and Luxury is nothing

If love in our hearts is absent.

Money gives you power

Love makes you happier.

I don’t need the wealth if you’re not by my side.

I would prefer to be poor with you my love.

If we hold on tight everything will be alright.

As long as we love each other nothing else matter.

Ups and down in life is only a test for us.

We just need to be strong and stand side by side.

I don’t need the most expensive gifts.

I just need your love and care to live.

Sun will shine after the storm my darling.

Everything dark will be brighter and light.

Rain will stop the mist only you can touch.

The dreams in our hearts will be brighter as the moonlight.

Never give up on us sweetheart

I am with you in the dark through the morning light.

Your sadness is my pain

Your heartaches are my sorrow.

Together forever we dance in life

As our love gets stronger no more strife

God is with us guiding our path

We can make it as long as we have faith in our hearts.

By: E.C.S

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