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Love from Up Afar

I write to the Angles who love is pure.
I tell them thanks for sitting at my bed side on all those long dreary nights and all those days of despairs.
I thank them for sheltering me under their wings and for those whispers of love when no one was there.
I thank them for sending be strangers that gave me more than expected.
I write to them to say that their precsence was felt and wish I was able to hug them today. 
I thank them for protecting my children and giving them enough strength to take over the bills and housekeeping and over my self.
I thank the Angles for walking them to school and giving them company when I was not there but in a hospital bed when things were rough.
I understand they were scared and children still so young, but we pulled through with love and that all to it.
Here I stand in one piece and strong.

The path was hard.....
The path to get back up is even harder....
So I hope my Angle has not left I wonder because I am not a Fighter as many people think.

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