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Love. Its as real as you and me and the ground we stand on.It's in one of the most famous Bible scriptures (John 3:16) to thousands of love struck hearts.Millions of poems over the years to the look in his eyes when he looks at you.Yeah, love is real. Devastatinly and heartbreakingly real.Beating in our hearts in some way, even the coldest of them.Love is the greatest commandment.Love is the most magnificent rush, pushing you to the edge of euphoric.And when love is taken away from you, crushing you under the pain.Driving you deeper and deeper until you dont feel as if you can resurface.It breaks you down so far its impossible o stand, unimaginable to get up.Until...You give yourself to God, completely.Trust that He will take your burden from your shoulders and have faith that He will heal you.Is it really that hard to believe? To trust? To have faith?Where teres a world full of chaos, we need that promise of peace.A world full of death, we need that hope of eternal life.A world so restless and fast paced, we need the belief in the rest in his arms.We need Him!God bless, have a great day =][if you have any questions about christanity, email me on here =) ]

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