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Long Lost Friend

My friendRemember meI gave you a big partOf my heartMy love and careWe used to shareEmotions honest, bareI think of youLose sleep about youMiss you more and moreDon't close the doorI'm not keeping scoreBut I can't go on Without youMy friendYou're not someone Come and goYou're special to me I wish you knewYou should knowI need you soI'm having troubleI can't existMy heart is crushedThat's how much you're missedI feel the pain of care in vainI'm humbled and undressedI find no restIn a facebook worldI don't belongI find no comfort in numbersIt feels all wrongI just need true friendsA few friends, heart to heartI held you close from the very startI pray we meet again Promise to stay closeAnd vow not to be apartThere are few things in this worldOne can keepThat follow everywhere we goExcept those that we take to heartFeel my silent prayerI know you're somewhere out thereThere is a place for you Where you're appreciatedLoved and neededMy heart bleeds unrequitedUntil you and I are reunited

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    • where are you now morning light and l9ving you..
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