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Life, and the man

There is life in a man, but when he takes a life does he not drain his own? Whan a man plays GOD he becomes a monster. So you lock him up but soon the set him free, but what hapens to the monster? That man has to control the monster, cage a beast that is uncageable. I fight a losing battle everyday so far I have won, but how long do I have before I lose? How long before the beast can break free? Never have I lost a good fight,the original AMERICAN BAD ASS,but the beast is to much someday I may lose control, this is a fight I can't lose becaue if I do I lose myself. I lose the woman that I love I lose the children I love and the monster takes control. I can't lose this battle 7 years for the poeple I hurt was enough by the Gods all I ask is to be free, for those who were victims you did me wrong I stood for what I believe in and ytou got what you deserved, you took from me , so I took from you only I took blood. Who was wrong you or me?

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