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My heart is breaking, it's full of painFeeling such guilt and full of shameThe bond with my children is slipping away,I feel it more with each passing day...I miss them more than you could knowBut there're always so busy now, the space just grows...No time to write, at least not to me you see,No one calls, Did they forget about me?I did the hardest thing in this worldAnd that was to move from my boys and girl,Too much chaos, arguing and hateWords if pain, always being thrown my waySo I did what I thought was best for themI packed up my things, moved away and thenI had hoped to save my babies fromThe constant bickering, again and again....I did not want them only to thinkArguing daily was normal, 'cause that stinksIt's not a healthy way to beNot for them and not for me....Their Dad and I just couldn't agreeNot on anything, so it had to beThat one of us leave before it was too late,I did not want my children to think life was full of hate...I see them as often as I canBut it's never enough, Imiss them man!Thev've been my reason living, and my whole worldThose beautiful children, 2 boys, 2 girls....Although they're older, they will always beMy pride and joy... my 4 babies.I hope and pray, thay will forever knowThey're my heart and soul... I love them all so!

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