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Here comes the time again .... were I sit an wonder who's to blame for the hurt I have ........Him for doing it or for me sticking around dealing with it each passing day...the hurt an pain grows everyday that I just deal with it ....so as I sit and wonder the pain grows deeper and deeper into my soul ....each day My heart breaks....you tell someone you love them but then you hurt them at the same time...does love supose to hurt? The feelings I have for him are so deep there is no word to discribe it.....but why does he hurt me an lie to me when I know the truth....It is unclear to him that I know ...but yet I can't confront him with and arguement waiting to happen.....Honesty and trust Is the biggest part of me and he takes that forgranted..I would never do anything to hurt him .....so why does he hurt me with this lie??

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    • girl i feel you on this, me and my boyfriend just got in a fight and it broke us up. he had agreed on 3 different things what not to do i agreed he agreed and broke all 3 of those "promises" and in a week time. not only that he lied to me about all them and i caught him talking to her again (his ex). so really who is to blame us or them. i take lies as a deceitful way of avoiding an argument. but u can take any way the situation is..
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