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Libra In Love

The scales of justice, the seventh sign,Ensures balanced harmony is the bottom line.Ruled by Venus, bringer of the vine,Goddess of nature, love is divine.Diplomatic, tactful and very fair,Affectionate, loyal, they love to share.Considerate, courteous, full of care,In justice and harmony they show such flare.As councillors or advisors their views will stand,Judicial or diplomacy, their life can be grand.Musician or dancer can also be a trait,Valuer or collector, let them set a date.Cool, detached, Aquarius likes fair play,With this sign they could win the day.Or lively Gemini could add some spice,To make a hesitant Libran throw the dice.A masculine, positive, cardinal air sign,Weighing the balance over a very fine line.But with desire to please and a love of beauty,The other partner's needs, a predetermined duty.Written & (c) John McKay Withey 1997

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