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Let the Lord in!

Where do i go, when the sky is off limits. Who do I talk to if there is no one to hear me. Which way do I turn, if there are nothing but dead ends. When the pain has arisen deep from within. As my soul, to her knees, crieth above, "Show me the way oh Lord. A simple shove!" Tears have fallen, pain in my chest. Why not my soul, to come to rest? Tapping at the window, knocks at the door, it makes me question my beliefs once more. Lies, and deceit all standing around as one. So dark, true fear, motioning for me to come. But beneath the door, however, a bright light appeared. Brighter it shoned, as my legs grew nearer. Tears filled my eyes as I asked "Who is it?" "Let me in my child or the others will bring havoc!" Looking back at the window, with one hand on the knob, a familiar voice begin to sobb. "How could you do this, without wondering who it's affecting. Did you give it enough thought to how it would hurt me?" With my tears like rivers, still runneth, over flow. To that I had no answer, I honestly didn't know! I stared at the window again and realized something different. The lies and deceit turned rude and belligerent. Dark figure with a black hood, hid his face from the world. His voice turned deep, from an innocent little girl. "Let me take over, I will get rid of your pain." "But that is where your wrong, because only HE can pull me out of the rain!" "Let me in my child, for the devil is fading" The only thing I regret is keeping you waiting!

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