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Last Breath

I wander in white forests,Seeking what I cannot find.Meaningless souls all about,In what I can't define.I hunger for answers,I seek the unknown.what purpose shall I meet?When death is all I know.They say I am weak,The shadows say I am wrong.I know You hear me now,Can You feel this dark song?Bring me to the evergreen meadows,Where light and darkness meet.Tell me it's not all for nothing,Where the frozen is turned to heat.Forsaken is my destiny,In the cosmos lies my truths.Will I lose all consciousness?Will I forever lose my youth?I pray my dreams will leave me here,In this cold winter haven.I open my eyes to fading black,And see the ever-staring raven.In this great mysterious world,I am dancing with stars of death.Driving myself into madness,And holding my Last Breath.


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