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Kurt Cobain/Still Remember You

You’ve seemed to have forgotten, for you it seems to have faded away,
But for me it’s like it was yesterday,

I’m listening to the radio and the song is “In Bloom”,

And when you remember me… the way you remember me,

Let it be like this…

When you think Kurt Cobain, I hope you recall my favorite song,

The one you’d love to laugh at yet still sing along,

But you knew you liked it and, yeah, you knew you did too

So when you think Kurt Cobain, I hope you think of me…

Remember last year’s school dance?

It was the one outside by the firelight

Remember the shirt I wore?

It was white and blue… yea, I wore it just for you

And I remember how you did act,

You chased me and I chased you back,

You got me finally, but I wasn’t really mad,

It was like our own little world, just for a moment… just a moment…

But then the music started to play,

Our own little world slipped away

Yeah, when you think Kurt Cobain I hope you think of me…

That night felt like that dance before, thinking of you and
wanting more,

But I seemed to give more than I could get back

And some people, they thought it was funny,

They never believed you could be into me,

Yeah, they thought it was all a joke, and that I was a fool
to even think it was true,

And yea, I often felt that way too… I felt like I was a

Oh well, at least when you think Kurt Cobain, I hope you
think of me…

A few weeks after the last day of school, I remember this
day, do you?

That black Thursday when you really broke my heart in two…

I cried and cried, I wished that you’d just die…

And so, you contradiction, when you think Kurt Cobain, I
hope you think of me…

That summer, things seemed to go up and down,

Ultimately, yea, we got pretty tight,

Thanks, you proved my whole “special bond” theory right,

If only they could’ve seen us then, they wouldn’t be
laughing when:

They’d see how we’d laugh, and chat, and argue, but things
would end up alright…

You and I…

And when you think Kurt Cobain, I hope you think of me…

Soon dark September dawned on me,

Those tears I cried, yea, they were all for you…only you…

Well, at least you weren’t there to see my broken side,

But you weren’t there, and that’s why I cried,

And when you think Kurt Cobain, I hope you think of me…

About a month later, and again things were cool,

Well, thanks to me, because of me

I even saw you for the first time in, what, 4 months!?

And yea, the tension was there… I could feel it everywhere

And at my party, it was like you were flirting with me,

That way you kept leaning up against me

Then you left, and my world was crashing down again…

And yea, when you think Kurt Cobain, I hope you think of me…

I sit here in my room,

Trying to keep my tears from falling… it’s not easy…

And you, you contradictory piece of shit,

You’re at the movies with her- that skank,, that one you
always said you’d always hate

I hope you have fun, and realize what you lost…

Yea, you remember all of this… I know you do…

And I bet I’ll win in the end,

Because when you think Kurt Cobain,

I know you’ll think
of me…

[Still Remember You]
This poem,this…whatever ,
I really don’t know how to begin ,
How to put my mixed-up feelings on a blank page?
To write this full of sorrow or full of rage?
All the games, all the jokes,
All the times you screwed with my mind and toyed with my heart
I didn’t want that,
All I wanted was it to be like  it once was…good friends
You remember,right? How close we were…two years ago at the least?
But now you are leaving me,but why?
All I got to do,was give you a hug and say goodbye…
It’s hard, nay, impossible for anyone else to understand when I speak of you
A mere crush? No,most crushes  are those you barely know, yet adore
And I know you better than many who are closest to you even do
A mere friend? No
I’ve put so much into finding a name for it…all I have is “strong feelings” (wow how lame)
Since two years ago, when we formed that bond…that friendship…
I developed this strong…caring for you, of which I can scarcely explain!
I was always there to talk…I saw you for who you really are-not the jerk you can be
I’ve defended you and stuck up for you countless times (both to myself and others)
I’ve never been mad at you- hurt, yes,but I can barely count that as you seem impossible to stay mad at
I don’t get something…
I know you care for me,too;
I know you do…for several reasons…several lil’ reasons
We have what can only be called “a special bond”
Don’t ask me to write those reasons down
Cuz no one else could understand and might think I’m crazy or whatever…
But back to the “something”…why do you hide it?
Why do you deny it?
Are you just too immature?
Not ready? Or something more?
People might think it would be strange to hear me say this… but I know I’m right
It’s the way you are when you are by me
When you are looking a me…when you talk to me…wanting to talk to me
Wanting to walk with me…EVERYTHING!!!
Now that you are leaving,I don’t know what to do
Should I tell you how I feel?
Would it kill you to make the first move for once?
My Mom says I need to move on,and,it hurts like hell,but I know she’s right
It’s fate,I think- if we’re meant to be,we’ll find each other again and things will work out
Still, I’ll try to leave the past behind me…I know I can leave it behind me
You’ll just be the thing that will always linger in my heart.
And no matter what, I’ll still remember you
When I go back to school, at the next dance, watching Seinfeld
Damn it!
So many things will remind me of you,
you’ve put a mark on my life stronger than any one ever has and I won’t forget you
No matter what happens- whatever will happen to the two of us andwhatever our futures hold-I know I’ll always have this caring…
This unrelenting caring for you
And I’ll still remember you…always…

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