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It's a good man that you are

I truely never expected to find a friend in youI was only being friendly, as I often doI caused you unhappiness, and that was not my planI simply thought of you, a kindhearted manI sit and feel so lonelyAt times i don't know whyI guess I should get over itThe way I sit and cryI know I am a softieDeep inside my heartI often want to toughen upBut don't know where to startI worry about most everythingI cannot seem to stopIf it isn't something seriousIt seems so in my heartI'm sorry for my actionsI did not mean you harmThe last thing I wantedWas to cause you any alarmI would not cause you sorrowNot in my wildest dreamsI did not mean to overwhelmYet I did, so it seems...Anyway I thank youFor all your sweet compassionI never thought you'd care about meAs no one ever else hasI can only say I understandThese matters of the heartIf you should ever want to talkYou only need to start...As always I am left aloneI really do not mindAs over the years I have foundI'm content, I'm just that kind.No matter that I reached to youI know I over stretchedI should have kept my mouth shutIt would have been the bestToo late now, I have involved youIn matters of my lifeNext time I will knowIt isn't really rightYou are a kindred spiritI know it deep insideMany things that you have sharedI recognize in MY lifeI did not mean to interferreI know that you believe it's trueOr you never would have answered meI'm sorry if I bothered youI will simply say good byeBefore I go to farI enjoyed our conversationIt's a good man that you are

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    • Very giving and thoughtful poem, I'm sure he enjoyed the conversation too and that it was anything but a bother to him. When people share they often learn things they didn't realize about themselves and real sharing is rare.
      • Awww... thank you so very much, sincerely Josh. And morninglight? Your blogs are always touching as well as your replies. Thank you so very much you guy's, you really made me day! Hugzzzzz! It's funny how acceptance can mean so much.
        • You pen with such an open heart….you do not have any problem connecting with your feeling and quilling them. YOU are very talented! YOU are a poet girlfriend! Wonderful Write!! NOW! It’s the New Year…gather up 100 of your poems and start on publishing a BOOK! YOU may want to polish your form…know what you are writing and prune back what you don’t need….Have someone EDIT them for you…if you can’t find someone… go to a paid poets site for this is the main thing they are there for. Editing and constructive critique.( I’m a member of www.worldofpoets.com) I would like you to visit there as a guest and as you enter in…look on the left side of the page and click on “poetry form” list I would love for you to view all of the poetic forms there are!! And here you wrote 2 of them and didn’t even know it! HA! FABULOUS!!! I just saw your new post…something about losing HOPE. May I encourage you gather your hope and confidence and get going on your BOOK! My best wishes your way…Good Luck!
          • You! my friend are probably one of thoses people that are lucky enough to have every woman, man and child that you ever taught say, "She is the best teacher I ever had, if it wern't for her....." lol hugzzz and so many thanks for lifting my spirits, everyone here in this little group of emotional picker uppers! lol! ~c~ p.s., love and friends forever!
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