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It'll be just fine, My friend.

Helping you when tides are rough,
Catching those drops of tears hoping this'll be enough,
See you trying to fade must be tough..
Pulling you back to save you, please don't bluff..

There'll always be a shoulder to lean on, my friend..
Praying for you hoping all will come to a ending, Amen..
Where ever you go, Just remember, I'll be right here waiting for you..
I'll be the friend you've known forever, you'll have a peron to lean-to..

Thou hate to see my dearest friend upset,
Wondering if shes thinking in thee regret..
Truly makes my heart hurt, Let -
Me be the one to guilde you through the bad times,
I'll make you feel in a place of relaxation..
And for thee shall never be any action..

Whenever you're with me, You're in perfect hands..My friend..


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