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Is It Worth It?

i try to block the thoughts of you
completely out of my mind
i don't know what's happening
is this why "love is so blind?"

y do I dream of you?
wishing  you were here
y do I long to see you?
y do I wish you were near?

im so infatuated with you
but I want that feeling to end
i know you don't feel the same
i just want my heart to mend

i secretly hide these feelings
keeping  them locked up inside
reluctantly asking my friends for their help
at least I have in them to confide

one second i think im succeeding
and the feeling i have for u is dying
then i feel that i am killing sumthing that could be amazing
now it feels like my heart is crying

at least I had the guts to say
how I really feel about you
i wished that you felt the same
and that you cared for me too

i guess all I can do now
is be a man and just let go
maybe this feelings isn't real
but ill just let things flow

i thought you felt the same
but i guess i was so naive
of actually thinkin you cared
how stupid 4 me 2 believe

i don't know what to do
i don't want to think of you
my heart is empty right now
i just want to make it through

i guess its hard for me 2 realise
or maybe you cant seem 2 understand
it only takes 1 night and 1 chance
to prove to you -how much of man i truely am

to show you how much i noticed
that you are a little bit intrueged by me
the way you say in adoration
"BabyDre..I love the way you love me"

the simpliest things like that you say
gives me hopes and chance to think
that maybe i shouldnt give up on u
and leave my life at a dieing brink

maybe i should just hang on a little bit longer
and let the love grow and show
its hard for me to walk away from sumthing so precious
hard enough when you are the most beautiful girl i know.

Written By Andraeahnlus Oniexerxes Legacy
Inspired By Adrianna

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    • yes luv all my poems are about me actually-and likely the person i said "inspired by" is the person who the poem is about or who made me feel that way 2 write it - and i appreciate you liking my work ...not every1 does
      • Oh wow this poem is AMAZING!!! I really like it. It totally seems like what I am going through now!! I really love it...good work ;)
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