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Is it just a dream?

Is this really real.The sun is finally shinning,Im not surround by constance darkness.The way you lips touch mine,The way you skin is touching mine,The way you say i love you when ever you get a chance,It all feels so perfect but is it just a dream?Is it really real.When you say you love me my heart screams it back seconds after your' ve said it.The way you hold my hand when we walk even if its just out to the car.The way you come out of no where and kiss me as if its your last kiss you can give.The way you just come up and pick me up and spin me around in the air.It all feels so perfect but is it just a dream?Is it really real.The way you just smile and my worries disapear within thin air.The way you just make everything feel so perfect.The way you hug me it feels as though its a dream.And i never wanna let go.Your green eyes are like a un opened present they bring me weak to my knees.But is it all just a dream?Is it real even just a little bit.The way we roll around on the ground,The way we chase each other from one side of the house to the other.The way we both try and tickel each other and crack each other up.It feels like a dream and i still dont know if it is but im willing to chance it all,if its a dream i guess ill realise after i wake up but till then im gonna keep loving you day and night every day.


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