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You are the song in my heart,
the music of my soul.
my one and only love,
my one true love.
I cherish every wonderful
moments we have,
the time we spent together
is like heaven for me,
with you beside me,
I felt I am in paradise.
I will never let you go,
I want you always.
I wanted nothing but
closer than close to you My love.
You are the one I love,
the one I wish for,
the one I dream of.
Every single day with
out you makes me blue.
But,I love you and
nothings can tear us apart.
Not even the thousand
miles that separates us.
Your love is my haven
in the world of loneliness.
Your love is in me
even beneath my skin.
Your kind of love is
irreplaceable,its lasting and true.
I am so lucky to have love you.
No one can give love
 to me other than you.
I LOVE YOU through and through.

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