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Irrefutably a.k.a Gift Of Me

on this special day,
i have a gift for you,
it is not even fancy, or shiney,
hmmn...pffft matter of fact its not even new,

it cannot be opened like a package
in any the normal way,
but you can be sure that you will have it for a long time
forever its is here to stay

it has no fruity wrapping paper,
or a beautiful pink bow,
for it is something oh so special,
that very few even know

no vast wealth can ever buy this peerless gift,
that i eagerly plan to give,
and i promise to give it no other
for as long as I may live.

and if you have not guessed
what this gift may be
it is my love and my heart baby...
indubitably - its the gift of "me".

By Andraeahnlus Oniexerxes Legacy
Inspired By Tara McVey

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