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In my Head

The way the words come out
The way these feelings stir me about
It builds up inside and create this mess
But in the end chaos shows its finesse
Writing controls me in its own very way
And theres this temptation to do it every day
I feel these thoughts these emotions so strong
And then i put it on paper and i look at the paper so long
The way these images come out they just rip me up
Its like a river filled with emotion and feeling coming by the cup
When i walk in everyday life this thought this instinct is deep in my soul
Its something my head has now power to control
Its the love to write to release each and every thought
And when people see it a new feeling is brought
Writing sparks imagination leading to a forest fire of creative flair
And when this fire burns white hot truth fills the smokey air
Minds connect like a chain beating as one Imaginary Machine
And as ideas spread Creativity can soon be seen
It shines as bright as a million blazings stars
They each glow their own and can be seen a world afar
So ill speak my voice show others feelings that were meant to be held
And they can hold what i have seen they can experiance the things i withheld
Please see whats inside care for that one show your true light
Because just because it's dark out doesnt mean it's night
I have my call who else will follow
The second you do your hearts wont be hollow
Follow me to a place where creativity strikes deep
And dreams are more than just what happens when you sleep

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