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In Distant Dreams

Many have promised loveBut yet, we'll seeI give all the love I haveAnd I give it for freeAnd still I'm cryingI wonder about youDo you still think of meHold me; miss me tooYou're my friendSo distant and so farBut to me remainA glistening bright starYou're a big part of my heartBut you don't know itI cherish you, not to hurt youSo it's hard to come out and show itBut I silently love youIn my own special wayAnd it hurts more than I can bearWhenever you go awayHold my hand softlyLay close to my heart in your dreamHold me closer Than you've ever beenI love you Like the soft snow in DecemberAll the little touches we exchangedI still hold inside and rememberIt hurts sometimes so muchTo realize that I'm a loverGiving love, not feeling lovedOn the run, hiding for coverBut in my distant dreamsI often dream of your imagined touchYou're spirit is so dear to me I seem to miss you so muchSo if you love me tooPlease somehow let me knowI can't promise you the moonBut I'll care and won't ever let you goThese are among the thingsI hold insideThat are hardest to showStill, I wish you could knowWe meet as friendsI pray that never endsBut you're ever a part of meAnd I do love you soAcross time and spaceIf you would, gently hold my handI need you more than I can sayIf only you can somehow understandHold me close to your breastGive me your forever careWhere lonely souls find restWe'll share in our loneliness

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