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I wished I had never met you...

I fell in love on September 12th, 1975, as I walked across a street  and saw the most beautiful girl in world on the  northeast corner of 9th Place & Oklahoma Avenue in Milwaukee.  She moved 250 miles away in August 1977........she took my heart with her...The pedastal I had put her  on was too high for me to reach...Lying and jealous "best friends" had kept us apart..... there were no cell phones, or e-mail adresses, or an internet.....I've thought of her every day since my lying former "best friend" told me some things in 1981 that he should have told me back in 1977....I had given up on her because I thought I wasn't in her leauge and could never be good enough for the most beauIiful girl that ever lived. I thought every guy thought that of her. I finally found her on the internet on Classmates in May 2001...my heart skipped a beat when I saw her name......She didn't marry the King of France, or Prince Charles, or the grandson of Henry Ford, or a Movie Star. I cried my eyes out as I sent her my first of  hundreds  e-mails to her.  ...31 years thinking about a person I'll probably never hold in my arms, or go out to dinner with, slow dance with, or share a kiss....  We both belong to someone else now. I asked her to marry me if both our spouse pass away first.
If  my choice s were a Quadrillion Dollars, or going back in time, it wouldn't even be close to be 17 again and do things different....I still drive by her old house on 7th street and so wish I go back...but I can't, ...I wished I had never met you...

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