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I wish

I wish I could start all over again and go back to the way I was. I wish I listened instead of ignoring all the people I love. I wish I could be strong enough to let this go, and I wish I never let me guard go! I let you hurt me and I shouldv known. Known that youd do this to me and let me go. You always said you wouldnt and I trusted that from you, but now I cant breath because my heart is to shattered too. Im always the one waiting for you which was getting old to do. Im sorry if you felt I wasnt worth anything for you. I thought it was gonna work, but you never wanted it to. YOu used me so bad and wanted only one thing and now I hope you choke on your food. I wish I wouldv known that youd do this to me, I wish I couldv stoped this because now im on my knees. I wish I couldv know that this was gonna happen. I wish my heart could stop from bleeding from what youv done to me. I wish you could only see. I wish you cared for me. I wish I didnt fall for something that wasnt meant to be. So dont come back when she gets to old, dont come back when you have no one to hold. I wont be you second hand girl, I wont be wating for you to be real! I wish I wouldv known what youd do to me. Because now your not worth anything for me. Im broke and scarred, itll take a while to heal. So dont come back around and damage how I feel. I hope one day youll realize everything good youv lost. Because being like that wont get you very far. Open your eyes and take a good look at what youv lost, take a picture because its not gonna last you long!!! <3 BY BRIANNE D.H.

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