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I Wish...

I wish I could tell you how I feel; make you understand that what I’m saying is real I wish you would call me your boo; and tell me that you love me too I wish you knew that you’re the one I think of all day; when you come around I hope you could always stay I wish I could just fall asleep in your arms; hoping you would always be there holding me I wish you would tell me I’m the one for you; and how you promise to always be true I wish you knew that I love you more then anything; and place you above everything I wish you could understand what I’m feeling; tell me you feel the same way without hesitating I wish you would tell me all the things I want to hear; and hold me tight as you whisper it in my ear I wish you knew that I want to be with you; and every word I say is completely true I wish I could be the one you want; and take on a date to a restaurant I wish you would talk to me more often; because just hearing your voice makes my day brighten I wish you knew how I miss you when you aren’t near; hoping soon you’d be here I wish I could tell you all this in person; But I’m scared that my heart may be broken Written by diamante_hielo Submitted by diamante_hielo
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