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I never


I started writing you poems because I want you to know how I feel inside

The feeling of unselfish love that I know my eyes can’t hide

It never crossed my mind that I am just playing around

If you listen to my heart you won’t hear that sound


What you will hear is a single beat

If you lay your face onto my chest you will feel the heat

My heart only beats your name

Nothing that I have doubt or shame


I never felt this way before

I can’t think and analyze anymore

I never thought that I would fall deeply

I never thought I would feel jealousy


I envy the men you loved and still do

Because they have experienced the feeling of the whole you

Now I sit alone and waiting for my time to come

When you will say you will always be mine


Though sometimes I get hurt and frustrated

It doesn’t mean I have succumbed and wilted

No, my love for you still stands strong

Because I know it is you where my heart belongs

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