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I Miss You

Is it just me? Or is it you too? All of my thoughts Lead back to you It's all really strange And even unreal Everything I go through I know that you feel I know sometimes it's hard But we go together so well Please let's not let this Turn into a Hell But I miss out jokes Your playful smile Your caring words Yet careless style What would you do If I fell in a heap Would you protect me And just let me sleep? That would be amazing Asleep in your arms Away from the hype And the world's false alarms Can we please keep trying? Cause I wouldn't know what to do And you have no idea How much I miss you...
Submitted by Jess
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    • That was sooo good. I really loved it and you should keep writing and keep posting. It reminds me so much of me and my man. Thank you! Good Luck and God Bless!
      • this poem iz amazing ..it made me remember all the ppl I love
        • Hey... Just wanted to say great job on the poems... Not to go into some big story and waste other peoples time, but... I made the biggest mistake known to man in a relationship that meant the world to me... There's not a thing I wouldn't do to take but what I did, but that just can't be done! I am very inspired by these poems, and I wish something like this would help me, but after the mistake I made... Only time can help me... I'm not saying these aren't good enough, because they are great! But I just cant bring myself to use someone elses thoughts to help my "worthless" self out! I wish it was that easy... Great job on the poems... And to anyone who might know myself or my recent ex... I'm deeply sorry I disrespected any of you... I caused alot of heartache and now a lot of disbelief... And I wish there was something I could do to make this all go away!!! Maybe the fact that I have to live with myself for the rest of my life, knowing I completely screwed up two peoples lives is exactly what I deserve! thanx to any that feel me on this and know what im saying!!! I miss you Kelli!!!
          • Wow that's a really great poem I like it. It really relates to what im going through right now. I miss him so much. Thanks for making this poem.
            • Your poem was freakin awesome...totally understand how u feel. take cares
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