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I'm Sorry....x

i'm sorry, i never said anything, i swear, i never want to hurt you,im happy for you, (i am)you're perfect together,perfect him and perfect her,i didnt mean to make you cry, now i only want to lay down and diei feel so bad its all my fault, just be happyim not mad,why should i be?the situation has nothing to do with me.stay together, you're meant for eachother, forever and ever x.....sorry.....x

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    • To address your request of what we get out of this poem: I see a relationship that was and then broken and one found another and then the first was accused of saying something that made the new one think badly about the ex of the first one, which the first one may not have said but feels bad that was accused of saying something and wants to let the ex know that she loved so much that she wants him to be happy with the new one and feels bad that he was hurt over some one's comment... I may be way off base but this is what i see...... If Im not then it is nice to see that people in the world still have real love for one another so much that they want to see the one they love happy even if it is not with them..I hope you find a love for you that you show others you deserve it...and the poem was very good nicely written.
    • what i got out of it was that 2 people got in an arguement and one said something that they didn't really mean because they were mad and now they r saying they r sorry because they have true feelings for the person and they don't want the other person to be hurt..... :) it is really good btw..... it reminds me that everyone makes mistakes and most of the time they learn from their mistakes....
    • awww that is awesome!
    • there are different kinds of people in the world...natural artists, losers that mock the artists, people that kick the other peoples ass at everything they do, and people that just dont give a crap. YOU are one of the natural writers that dont seem to have to try- it all appears natural. keep writing.your blogs are wickedshiz!
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