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i love you babii

Your are truly the perfect one for me,
After you read this poem, you will see,
I didn't believe in love till I looked at you,
Now I know and I will always be faithful and true,

I looked at you, you looked so fine,
Damn baby, you don't know how glad I am that you're mine,
When we started going out you brought joy into my life,
I just wanna love you and I want you to be my wife,
My love for you is so, so true,
That's why I give all my heart to you,
You don't know how long I've been searching,
And how long I've been wishing,
For an angel like you to enter my lonely life,
For you I will die, for you I will strive,
Other guys might have hurt you, broke your heart in two,
But thus something I will NEVER EVER do,
Thus how I know you're the one for me,
I will always and forever cherish thee,
Anytime you're lost or can't see the light,
I'll guide you, fight for you with all my might,
You touched my body, you touched my soul,
Because of my baby, my world is no longer cold,
You're my lover, my very best friend,
My love for you will NEVER EVER end,
You make me happy, you make me smile,
You're the only thing that makes my life worthwhile,
You're the perfect girl for me,
Cause you're my future wife to be,
Every night I sleep I think of you,
And all the things we do,
Every day I'm awake I think of you,
And how I'd do anything for you,
And I promise I'll be strong,
To love you even if people think its wrong,
I will love you always, each and every day!


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