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I love him and wish he would come back

Earlier this year my best friend (who was also my first high school boyfriend) told me he has feelings for me. One of my other friends liked him and kind of pushed us together. Anyway we were in a relationship for about 2 weeks when he dumped me cos he had to leave the state to work. That was  months ago and I just can't get over it! For a while he wouldn't even talk to me. I guess when he left I was a bit selfish and was angry cos I thought he was leaving cos he had commitment issues and didn't want to be with me.We talk now every now and then, we are trying to be friends again but I still love him way more than a friend. He wont tell me how he feels, we talk like friends but as soon as I bring up what happened he stops texting back.What does this mean? I would appreciate comments from guys.Keeping in mine months and months ago he told me he couldn't offer me a relationship so I was happy just being friends and I never thought about beingwith him,then all of a sudden he's telling my other friends if he had a chance with me he wouldn't screw it up, and he told me he use to get jealous when I would tell him about guys I was seeing. Then all of a sudden he wanted me, I didn't see it coming but he left just as quickly.

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