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Pressing me closer to dirt Never have I felt anything but hurt Holes I have in my jeans New was never within means Analyzed by despise and crooked eyes Lifting my head yelling out my cries Over my time lays the heavy sheet Covering the child in me brutally beat Molestation of my very will Destroying the perception that hope is real I stand in the sun where the burn penetrates Still in form my body absorbs hate Man next to me with a funny hat Curses me open with, "what are you looking at?" Looking through the window, thick big glass Political lines that I can't get past All my life they said no All of my life never being able to go Control of my soul and all that I say and see Just like the wild chewing myself free Never find peace of my mind Never finding love like the kind in me At this point seeing myself a man Still a child inside, I don't understand Why, why is the world melting in flame Is it the result of living up to a name Why is there so many tied and bound I am a lost soul, stuck in this town. I am the hungry mouth and desolate throwaway Raped by hate that just won't go away. I lay on the ground tonight away from my box Praying as I make my pillow of rocks Sharing an emptiness that is society lead Almost asleep as I am beat over the head Did you know that I am capable of love Did you know that I was praying above Did you know that it gets hard for me to smile I gave compassion atleast for a while Did you know that I once risk my life for you Loving you, hating me, now I C U. If I die here in this crazy night I will just let go, no resistance or fight I will see my life pass like many a men Child in me gone, born not to win.

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