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40.gifHer name is like heaven to my mind

Her face is like the heavens and stars that shine

Her words were always my friend

Her pictures always took away the pain

Her touch i dream will it be mine

Her love was as deep as the oceans lovely and fine

Her voice can only be the one i live to hear

Her pain is the torture that i can not bear

Her impatience is now all that i see

Her weakness is my loneliness i have in my heart

Her tears are the ones i fear

For my love  i made you cry now i feel like hell

For i know i was to lucky for you to be mine

For all of time

For the words are all i have

For will you be mine and forgive me time after time

For i know god made you so pretty and fine
For forgiveness is Divine40.gif

For i love you and all i ask god is for you to be mine

For god sent me and angel with hair of gold

For all other gold in the earth will never be worth as much as you in my heart!

For my heart is broken my life is blue without you!

BY PIRATE151  FOR MY40.gif HEART40.gif AND MY LOVE40.gif


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